Health & Safety

We strongly believe in healthy body, healthy mind. This simple concept drives productivity, a strong safety culture and positive team morale. Caza actively supports all Safer Together and Assist and Assure Initiatives. 

Caza is committed to providing a productive, safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, clients, customers and visitors on its premises or that of its clients.

This commitment extends to ensuring that the company’s operations do not place the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage, and to ensuring its works are conducted in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner.

Our commitment will be communicated to all employees, contractors and suppliers.

We strive to maintain our high standards through ongoing internal and external audits and customer feedback surveys.


Caza is committed to:

  • Ensuring products are safe and without adverse environmental impact
  • Reducing, re-using and recycling waste materials wherever practical, and disposing of waste materials in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Using safe systems of work that are environmentally sustainable and supported by documented procedures and audited systems
  • Being proactive in assessing health, safety and environmental hazards for new business, new and existing work systems, practices and equipment
  • Encouraging team problem solving at all levels of the organisation to implement work practices that continually improve safety, environmental standards and productivity
  • Reporting and investigating incidents and implementing systems and practices that prevent recurrence
  • Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements and current industry standards
  • Training managers and employees to competently perform work described in safe work procedures
  • Providing information to all employees, contractors and customers that inform them of health, safety and environment issues relevant to the company’s operations


All Caza employees will complete the following training:

  • Operate 4x4 vehicle in the field
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Online Fire Training Modules
  • Food handling skills and knowledge review questionnaire
  • Heat stress training modules
  • All inductions required for relevant companies and their sites